Siti Aisyah Mohamed Salim



Sweet memories of MWTI

Saya telah menemui bakat dan minat yang saya raikan hingga hari ini. Peluang menuntut ilmu daripada pemenang Cultural Medallion, Cikgu Suratman Markasan sewaktu di Pre U 1 dan 2 membuka peluang yang lebar untuk saya menebarkan sayap sastera saya hingga ke seberang tambak.

Muhammad Hakiim bin Mohamed Yasin



Sweet memories of MWTI

Majlis Zikra Rasul
Inter House Games
Pesta pantun 2016




Sweet memories of MWTI

Always the group of friends and our bond. We can never find that strong bond ever again. We literally spent like 10 years together in Madrasah. We did everything together in school. Especially during solat jemaah the aura lain macam. Hehe. Yet, still the sweetest memories even till today.

Muhamad Aiman Bin Salihin



Sweet memories of MWTI

Pesta pantun winner 2016. Alhamdulillah. Second place for Malek awabs football tournament under teacher Ghazali. Sea president once. Made alot of people laugh and also cry (sorry). The football sessions at the back of the school. Wearing the same uniform everyday. Miss everyone at MWTI

Hafizah Abdul Majid



Sweet memories of MWTI

-rushing down to the canteen to buy our all time favourite nasi ayam after smelling the nice aroma during our lesson in class.
-being chosen to join the Bahas 4pm and Pesta Pantun Competition on my Pre-University days.
-created beautiful friendships since my P. 4 days.

Khadijahhijrahayat Binte Mohamed Sani



Sweet memories of MWTI

Where I met my bestfriend, Farah Nadirah. And our friendship has been strong since 2015.
MWTI also holds a very special place in my heart that everytime I went back to Singapore, I will always visit the building and remiscing memories.

Zeenath Jaleel



Sweet memories of MWTI

What I loved most about MWTI was the close-knit community. Back then, every teacher knew every student and my teachers really shaped my perspective of life. I believe that the reason I became a driven and determined person because I had teachers in MWTI who pushed me to achieve my highest potential.


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