Madrasah Wak Tanjong Al-Islamiah

Light Upon Light نور على نور

Madrasah Wak Tanjong Al-Islamiah

Light Upon Light نور على نور

Khadijahhijrahayat Binte Mohamed Sani



Subsequent Education

Went to Yemen to continue my studies and then to Australia

Life after MWTI

I lived in Yemen for 2years before migrating to Sydney Australia in 2014 where I opened my own educare with the education I obtained from MWTI and Yemen. I then moved to Melbourne in 2018 where I gave birth to my son an established my career as a legal secretary.

Sweet memories of MWTI

Where I met my bestfriend, Farah Nadirah. And our friendship has been strong since 2015.
MWTI also holds a very special place in my heart that everytime I went back to Singapore, I will always visit the building and remiscing memories.

Wishes for MWTI

Maju madrasah terus maju. I hope that MWTI will still be there till the end of times.. and may MWTI soar high, establish branches in other countries such as Australia, we never know. 😊
And may the Asatizah be rewarded for all their sacrifices.


MWTI has been going strong for more than 60 years owing to the support of the parents, MUIS and the Muslim community at large. We continuously strive to improve the education that we provide our students by upgrading our facilities, enhancing teacher’s skills through training and improving our management systems and IT infrastructure.

Your continued support is important to us and will go a long way towards contributing to a better student experience at MWTI.
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