Madrasah Wak Tanjong Al-Islamiah

Light Upon Light نور على نور

Madrasah Wak Tanjong Al-Islamiah

Light Upon Light نور على نور


Nur Audi Arifah Binte RaffieyP6 Hikmah
Nuri'el Shafriena Binte AbdullahP6 Hikmah
Rumaysa' Binte Nur QamarulP6 Hikmah
Kamylia Naurah Binte Khairul HazwanP6 Rahmah
Mohamed Fadhil Iman Bin Mohamed FadhillahP6 Rahmah
Sarah Umairah Bte KamarudinP6 Rahmah
Hazim Syazani Bin Shamsul BahriP6 Qudwah
Iman Wildan Bin Muhammad IskandarP6 Qudwah
Ummulhusna Binte AbulhassanP6 Qudwah
Azfar Bin Muhammad AzharP3 Honesty
Daris Ziqri Bin ZulkarnainP3 Honesty
Muhayr Al-Fatih Bin Muhammad Al-HadiP3 Honesty
Noorie Qadriyah Binte Muhammad ZiadP3 Honesty
Sofiyyah Sa'diyyah Binte Mohamad IkhwanP3 Honesty
Yaasmin Naiym AungP3 Honesty
Daeng Aqil Eshan Bin Muhammad AfiqP3 Patience
Nadrah Binte NoorijanP3 Patience
Nayli Syazwani Binte AfdahP3 Patience
Nusaybah Binte Muhammad ZakariahP3 Patience
Umar Bin SuhaimiP3 Patience
Umayr Bin Mohamed SabirinP3 Patience


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