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Co-Curricular Activities

In early 2017, a group of teachers from Madrasah Wak Tanjong Al-Islamiah CCA Unit was assigned to restructure the current CCA Unit which has been established for many years. After careful and meticulous planning, the Unit successfully introduce a new structure and it has since been implemented in January 2018. This restructuring is to ensure alignment with the Madrasah’s vision and mission and to provide students with a more holistic education that incorporates soft and hard skills development.

In our effort to produce future intellectual scholars, it is necessary that the Madrasah does not only equip its students with content knowledge taught in class, but also with 21st century skills such as collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity. Although these skills may have already been incorporated in classroom-based lessons, the CCA Unit believe that they can be further developed in students through meaningful co-curricular activities that are well-planned and taught by qualified individuals.


The proposed new structure offers CCAs for Primary, Secondary and Pre-University students that will focus on skills development and hands-on application. A fresh variety of CCAs are introduced to cater to different students’ interest and needs. This is done based on the belief that every student is unique and has the potential to shine given the space and opportunity. Hence, it is hoped that the new CCA structure will empower our students through their passion that they will one day use to benefit the community.

Ustazah Sri Nurayu Bin Mat Aris

CCA Unit Coordinator

Primary One


Students will be engaged in cartooning and doodling activities that will encourage the use of creativity and imagination. They will learn to make meaningful art forms out of squiggles as well as draw as a group to bring out teamwork and communication skills through drawing.

Primary Two


Students will learn basic techniques of drama and choral speaking. They will be exposed to good stage habits, various voice works, physical expressions etc. that will eventually prepare them for a school performance.

Primary Three


This CCA aims to promote creative and critical thinking in students as well teamwork and continuous reflection. Students will work on two main projects for the year: (1) Construct Pull Robot and Racer Car; and (2) Create start-stop animation on Marine Life and Transportation.

Primary Four to Primary Five


This CCA is divided into two parts; in the first semester, students will be trained in how to perform nasyid without the use of percussion instruments, focusing on understanding the different kinds of voice pitches and how to project their voice well. Meanwhile, in the second semester students will learn techniques to improve their Quran recitation.


Members of this club will do more than just performing the normal library duties. They will learn techniques of storytelling dramatization, and be exposed to different types of storybooks that will trigger their imagination and build up their vocabulary. There will never be a dull moment in this club!


Members of this club will learn the importance of preserving the environment as part of being a good Muslim. They will be engaged in activities such as gardening, upcycling, nature walks and many more. Members will also be groomed to become MWTI’s Green Ambassadors who will conduct programs to spread the Green Message to the rest of their peers.


A CCA for the sports enthusiasts or anyone who would like to try out something new. In this CCA, students will learn the right techniques to playing the respective sports offered. They will also get the opportunity to represent the school in future inter-school games.


A CCA for the sports enthusiasts or anyone who would like to try out something new. In this CCA, students will learn the right techniques to playing the respective sports offered. They will also get the opportunity to represent the school in future inter-school games.

Secondary and Pre-U Level


Members of this club will provide support to the school in event coverage through photography and videography. They will assist teachers in operating and managing the school’s audio- visual systems. Members will also learn techniques of producing quality videos as a tool to spread the beauty of Islam. This year, specifically, InTech members will get the opportunity to learn how to design a mobile application.


Members of this club will learn to express themselves confidently through various platforms such as skits, dikir barat and hosting. They will learn good stage habits, various voice works, physical expressions etc. Students will also get the opportunity to perform nasheed / qaseedah and play percussion instruments.


Members of this club will be introduced to the beauty of Islamic calligraphy, the tools of the trade and the correct techniques of writing beautifully. Members will begin by receiving trainings and guidance in Arabic Penmanship and will subsequently advance to learning to write in different types of fonts.


Members of this club will learn the history of archery, safety strategies, skills and archery techniques necessary to participate in and enjoy archery as a lifetime activity.


Members of this club will learn the various skills necessary to become a proficient netball player, such as movement skills, ball skills, attacking skills, defending skills and shooting skills. Members will also get the opportunity to represent the school in the annual Madrasah Sports Games and other friendly matches or games.
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MWTI has been going strong for more than 60 years owing to the support of the parents, MUIS and the Muslim community at large. We continuously strive to improve the education that we provide our students by upgrading our facilities, enhancing teacher’s skills through training and improving our management systems and IT infrastructure.

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