MWTI primary is a six-year programme, at the end of which students will sit for the Singapore Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). Students are taught core subjects within three departments: Academic, Religious and Arabic and provided with enhancement programmes/activities and additional learning support for a broader learning experience. 

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Term 1 Tests Mid-Year Exams Term 3 Tests Final-Year Exams
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Graduating Examinations

Academic Subjects (P1 - P3)

Academic Subjects (P4- P6)

Arabic Subjects (P1-P3)

Arabic Subjects (P4-P6)

Religious Subjects


English Language Department

Stellar Programme

Madrasah Wak Tanjong Al-Islamiah has implemented the national English language curriculum known as STELLAR (Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading). This initiative by the Ministry of Education has been running well in the school since 2008.

STELLAR places an emphasis on reading and enjoyment of the language. Thus, in place of English textbooks,prescribed thematic story books are used to teach students the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.The use of engaging stories helps to maintain the students’ interest in the language. The STELLAR Pedagogic Model is made up of a few major teaching strategies.

For each of these strategies, there will be a range of activities that will approach language both ‘holistically’ as well as in parts. This is where phonics, grammar, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation can be taught explicitly. In this model, there is a weaving between ‘whole’ and ‘parts’ in the teaching and learning of English.

English Language Programmes

Time LinesActivitiesLevel
FebruaryNarrative Writing WorkshopP4-P6
AprilExpository Writing WorkshopP5-P6
April / MaySpeech & Drama/Role Playing/Poetry Recitation/Spelling BeeP1-P6
MarchGrammar WorkshopP3
July-AugustMLEA Activity & Journal WritingP1-P6
SeptemberClass Writing ShowcaseP3-P6
OctoberInter-Class Writing CompetitionP3-P6
YearlyReading Logbook and Book ReviewP1-P6
Semester 1 & 2Reading Programmes Storytime & ‘I’ MagazineP1-P6

Mathematics Department

The Mathematics Department envisions Madrasah Wak Tanjong Al-Islamiah students to be lifelong learners and confident problem solvers. We set out to provide students with a conducive environment where:

  • Students are exposed to a variety of learning experiences including hands-on activities and use of technological devices to help them relate abstract mathematical concepts with concrete experiences.
  • Students have opportunities to apply mathematical problem-solving and reasoning skills to tackle a variety of problems, including open-ended and real-world problems.

Teachers provide a more engaging, student-centred, and technology-enabled learning environment, and to promote greater diversity and creativity in learning

Mathematics Programmes

Time LinesActivitiesLevel
January-AprilMaths EnrichmentP4-P6
July-SeptemberMaths EnrichmentP4-P6
July-SeptemberSupplementary and RemediationP4-P6
JulyMaths OlympiadP2-P6
AugustUNSW Mathematics CompetitionP1-P6
SeptemberMaths WarriorsP3-P6

Science Department

Teaching & Learning Approach

The national Science curriculum seeks to nurture in students a spirit of scientific inquiry. At Madrasah Wak Tanjong Al-Islamiah, we achieve this by building on the school’s PLAY-based learning approach to inculcate in students a sense of curiosity about the things around them. We strive to fuel the natural curiosity in our students by relating scientific concepts to real life phenomena, and encouraging them to ask HOW and WHY questions about the world around them.  In this way, Science comes alive and become relevant and meaningful to them.

Science Curriculum
The Science curriculum is translated in the classroom through teacher-facilitated discussions and explanations. Students are engaged in investigative hands-on activities during Science experiments and Science Projects as well as in articulating their understanding and reflections of different topics through journal writing. They also practise the inquiry process through careful observations and thoughtful interpretations. Students’ skills in explaining scientific concepts are honed by introducing Claim – Evidence – Reasoning (CER) framework. Students also leverage on ICT tools like iPads, Mconline on PC would strengthen their understanding of Science concepts.

Science Programmes

Time LinesActivitiesLevel
January – FebruaryScience Process Skills WorkshopP3-P6
FebruaryVanda Science CompetitionP4-P5
March – AprilRole PlayingP3-P4
July-AugustScience Centre WorkshopP4-P6
JulyDecoding Science WorkshopP5-P6
AugustUNSW Online Science CompetitionP4-P6
SeptemberScience Projects ShowcaseP3-P6
SeptemberScience Projects ShowcaseP3-P6
September-OctoberPractical TestP4-P6
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