Madrasah Wak Tanjong Al-Islamiah

Light Upon Light نور على نور

Madrasah Wak Tanjong Al-Islamiah

Light Upon Light نور على نور




Subsequent Education

Higher Institute of Al-Zuhri (2010-2012)
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (2016-2019)

Life after MWTI

Explore more in teaching and design. Learning to get out of the comfort zone and meet new people. Life after MWTI is totally different and not as fun as Madrasah’s life.

Sweet memories of MWTI

Always the group of friends and our bond. We can never find that strong bond ever again. We literally spent like 10 years together in Madrasah. We did everything together in school. Especially during solat jemaah the aura lain macam. Hehe. Yet, still the sweetest memories even till today.

Wishes for MWTI

I genuinely wish MWTI keep standing strong and all the existing students will appreciate and create bestest bond and memories there. Wishing all the best things in the world to MWTI. May all our children will one day be there to experience what we had.


MWTI has been going strong for more than 60 years owing to the support of the parents, MUIS and the Muslim community at large. We continuously strive to improve the education that we provide our students by upgrading our facilities, enhancing teacher’s skills through training and improving our management systems and IT infrastructure.

Your continued support is important to us and will go a long way towards contributing to a better student experience at MWTI.
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Welcome Back, We Missed You!

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