Soul Project


Empowering women and children to experience Quran through our courses and workshops.



Soul Project aims to to empower children and young future generation in establishing Islam through experiencing the Quran.

We first started in November 2011 by conducting In-Home Quran Coaching- either- one to one, in groups or for families. As demands are getting higher, we have created our signature program called Celebrate Quran for kids & Open Quran for ladies in order to reach out for more people and serve the Ummah.

As time goes by, we are now in the midst of creating the Celebrate Quran Curriculum exclusively customised for the parents as a guidance to educate their children at home.

At the same time, Soul Project has been working closely with universities and polytechnics such as Nanyang Technological University(NTU), National Institute of Education(NIE), Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) and Nanyang Polytechnic(NYP) to empower and inspire the young generation.

More programs coming up.

In conclusion, we asked your prayers and wishes so that Soul Project will be able to touch more hearts and serve the Ummah in future, inshaAllah. We hope that this little effort of ours will be seen as a deed that only please Allah.

May Allah make this journey easy and gives more barakah and blessing to all of us, amin.

The CEO of Soul Project is a former MWTI student, Ustazah Su’aidah Salim. MWTI has engaged her service numerous times for motivational talk and public lecture.