Our Mission

To nurture analytical and innovative mathematical problem solvers who are reflective and display perseverance

Our Philosophy

Every pupil can Learn and Achieve in Mathematics given the right environment to stretch his/her potential

The importance given to problem solving in the mathematics curriculum mirrors the twenty-first century skills such as creative thinking, communication and problem solving skills which we would need to equip our pupils with. The inherent ‘spiral’ nature of mathematics curriculum will remain an important aspect of mathematics learning in developing our girls to be analytical, innovative and reflective

  • To develop a strong foundation in Mathematical concepts and skills, the school adopts the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach in teaching and learning of Mathematics. This pedagogy enables gradual translation of concepts from actual objects to pictures and then to symbols. Ultimately, such experience helps to deepen conceptual understanding and retention.


  • To bring mathematic learning beyond the textbook and beyond the classroom, the school offers Authentic and Experiential Learning to all the pupils. Such learning experience would allow the pupils to apply and ‘see’ the relevance of learning mathematics as well as make connections in what they are learning.


  • To provide opportunities for our pupils to discover, reason and communicate mathematics, our teachers engage the pupils through Cooperative and Independent Learningusing various strategies and activities. Through such as experience and peer interaction. We hope to develop self- directed learners who are positive confident in mathematics learning.

Programmes Experiential Learning

Mathematics Camp

Mathematics Ipad trail

Achievements Maths Warriors




Head of Department

Mdm Aini Safuan

P1 Subject Teachers

Mdm Saadiah bte Jaafar

Mdm Nishani bte Abdullah

Miss Norhuda bte Mohd

P2 Subject Teachers

Mr Mohd Faisal Bin Mohd

P6 Subject Teacher

Mdm Yusni Latua.




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