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  • As-Souq: n. /so͞oq/

    In Modern Standard Arabic, the term refers to the marketplace in both the physical and the abstract economic sense.

    We aim to be the one-stop for all your Arabic learning needs.

    We provide a wide range of Arabic courses, products and services for all ages;

    *Courses from beginners to advanced levels

    *Workshops (Arabic/Translation)

    *Translation and interpretation services

    *Personal or group lessons

    * Learning materials such as textbooks, storybooks, dictionaries and posters

    *Educational games and toys

    *Decorative items such as calligraphy decals and stickers

    *IT products such as keyboard stickers, CDs/DVDs and softwares

    In short, As-Souq is “All about Arabic”

As-Souq is founded and managed by a trained language specialist, Mohammad Shahid Bin Noor’ain who has had years of experience studying and teaching Arabic Language . He spent years living and studying in Egypt at Al-Azhar University, before continuing at American University in Cairo.

MWTI has engaged As-Souq for Primary and Secondary Arabic camps and short courses.